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PRAYR was designed with simplicity in mind. Our custom designed smart sensor will count each Rakaa and Sajdah during the user’s prayer and display the count on an easy to view screen, or by an optional sound notification, ensuring the user always knows which part of the Salat they are preforming.

Through years of experimentation, PRAYR is proud to introduce the first smart sensor designed specifically to measure each Rakaa & Sajdah. This sensor measures the user's proximity during their prayer and automatically calculates each input as a Rakaa or Sajdah while taking into account several variables including possible accidental input from the users or their surrounding environments.

In addition to the device's display, PRAYR's optional sound notification system allows users to keep track of their prayer by sound only. With one beep per the number of Rakaas, the user can easily know which part of the Salat they are performing.

PRAYR has 2 primary modes of use. The first mode allows the user to preset the number of Rakaas to 2,3, or 4 with reference to Fajr, Maghreb, Duhr/Asr/Ishaa respectively. Some users might prefer to use the second mode, the Free Count Mode, which would allow the users to simply turn on the device and start praying. The second option is very helpful in Taraweeh and other prayers as you can reach up to 9 Rakaas.

PRAYR was designed with simplicity in mind. With 2 multi use buttons and a screen, PRAYR offers the user a lot of benefit with little input. PRAYR is also a very supportive device for people with certain visual or hearing impairments and for children who recently started praying as it helps them focus on their Salat.

PRAYR is designed to be taken anywhere, anytime! It's small and portable design makes it easy to carry around and use on the go.

PRAYR enters into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery consumption, but when resuming your prayer the device continues counting right from where it stopped.


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